ENOVA GROUP was established in 2009 by two engineers for providing environmental services. According to the number of permanent staff till 2009, it was a small sized company, focused on environmental management and soft engineering services.
Enova  provides expert advice and solutions for clients requiring specialised services, mainly in the fields of ;

Environmental Impact Assessment,
Environmental & Social Impact Assessment,
Ecological Management & Restoration, Biodiversity Research  
Environmental Consulting & Sustainable Management,
Waste Management (Mining, Industrial, Medical, Hazardous ect.)
Environmental Monitoring,
Social and Environmental Management and Action Plans
Mitigation Measures, Environmental Modelling ( Air, Soil, Water, Noise ect.)
Environmental Case Studies,
Resettlement Plans
Trainings and Management Plans

Company has been accredited by Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Environment & Urbanisation on EIA & Environmental Consultancy services. Every expert of our company participated the trainings and the meeting of the notified bodies.
It has a capacity to serve a wide variety of sectors identified in the EIA legislation appendix 1 and 2. Our specialists involved in many different projects and consultancy works of governmental and private sector.   
We always strive to exceed customer satisfaction in every project we undertake in cooperation with our clients and related stakeholders. In order to provide this we aim to follow all legislative amendments day by day, be aware of our potential capabilities and make an effort to improve our work performance.   
From our point of view; industry, technology and consultancy are the key words of sustainable development and they all have to be in harmony. From this fact environmental and social vision and planning should take place from the beginning of an investment to the end.  
At this point ENOVA GROUP provide all kind services such as site visits, site investigations, ecological considerations, trainings, meetings, public participations, social questionnaire studies, resettlement planning, mitigation measures and finally monitoring in order to achieve success in environmental sustainability.

Some of our clients is as follows:

Private Sector Organizations:
Beypi Beypazarı Agricultural Production Marketing Industry & Trade Co.
Bolu Cement Industry Co.
Doğan Geothermal Co.
Borvo Thermal & SPA
Hitit Ayaş Thermal Health and Tourism Limited Co.
Isos Erzin Thermal Health Tourism Construction Co.
Hattuşa Thermal Health and Tourism Limited Co.
MCS Mining & Construction Trade Limited Co.
Nalçacılar International Transport Co.
Yiğit Akü Equipments Co.
Sanko Energy
Yüksel Proje Co
Altınok Construction Co
Abant Ready Mixed Concrete Limited Co.
Çağsu Hospitals
Granitaş Granite Industry and Marketing Co

Governmental Clients:
General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI)
General Directorate of Highways (KGM)
Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEİAŞ)
Taşkesti Municipality
Bolu Municipality
Yozgat State Hospital
Yerköy State Hospital
Nallıhan State Hospital